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Bible Study

Facilitator: Dr. Jacques Boyd, Pastor

October 27, 2021


Lesson Focus: God is with His people, and God will make a way for them to be truly with Him.

Main question: What do you think God’s people were thinking as they sat there in exile?


  • Jewish exiles go off to Babylon in 605, 597, and 586 BCE.
  • The covenant people are engaged in gross idolatry.
  • The covenant curses have now come upon them.
  • God promises restoration for sinful people


The old covenant has failed; not because it itself was defunct, but because the people were not able to keep it due to their sinful hearts. Therefore a new covenant is needed which will involve new hearts for the people of God.  

  1. Biographical Sketch and Structure of the Book

    1. Exile in Babylon, written likely from ca. 593 to 571 B.C. E., and trained as a priest
    2. Two halves
      1. Chapters 1 through 24: Judgment of God’s people
      2. Chapters 25 through 48: Condemnation of the nations, and restoration of God’s people
    3. Three visions
  2. A Vision of God the King (Ch. 1-3)

    1. God is not like us


    1. God is all-powerful and all-wise
    1. God is not limited by circumstances
    1. God takes the initiative
    1. God communicates
  1. A Vision of God’s Departure (Ch. 8-11)


  • Just after Jerusalem is destroyed
  • Jerusalem personified
    1. Prophecies against Israel because of their sin
    2. Idolatry and spiritual unfaithfulness
    3. God is faithful to his promise to judge sin
  1. A Vision of God’s Coming and the Promise of Paradise (Ch. 40-48)
    1. A new temple
    1. Return to the land
    1. Restored relationship with God


    1. Foreshadowing of Christ and his work, and the reason God offers hope for a sinful people

Outline w/ Pivotal Texts 

  1. Ezekiel 1-32 – Judgment/Removal: Against Judah and the rest of the nations
    1. 1:1-3:15 – The call and sending of Ezekiel
    2. 3:16-7:27 – Announcement against Jerusalem (imminent judgment)
    3. Ch. 8-11 – Visions of idolatry and the flight of the glory of Yahweh
    4. Ch. 12-19 – Idolatry and the Lord Yahweh
    5. Ch. 20-23 – Judgment coming closer and closer (warnings intensify)
    6. Ch. 24 – The beginning of the siege of Jerusalem
    7. Ch. 25-32 – Seven oracles against seven cities/nations
  1. Ezekiel 33-48 – Grace/Restoration: A vision of the future
    1. Ch. 33-37 – Three symbols of restoration announced immediately after the fall
      1. The Good Shepherd 
      2. Dry Bones Resurrected
      3. Two Rods
    1. Ch. 38-39 – The final battle (Gog and Magog typological; used in Revelation too)
    1. Ch. 40-48 – Vision of the coming kingdom of God: the glory of Yahweh returns New Temple, New Jerusalem, New Heavens, New Earth
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Oct 27 2021


5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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