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Facilitator: Dr. Jacques Boyd, Pastor

January 6, 2021

“Holiness unto the Lord”


Lesson Focus: God is holy, God’s people, must also be holy. Why? Because as God’s people, we say something about God to rest of the World.

Main question: Why is it important for God’s people to be holy?


  • Historical Context


Mid 15th century BCE

Still at the foot of Mount Sinai                                                                                    

At/In the tabernacle


  • Redemptive-Historical Context


Promises are being fulfilled!

Israel getting ready to enter the land Yahweh has promised.

Israel instructed in how to be holy.




Yahweh is holy, and therefore His people must be holy too.


The Offerings at the Tabernacle – Leviticus 1-7



Regulations for Aaron and His Sons – Leviticus 8-10



Yahweh Will Show Himself Holy – Leviticus 9:22-10:3



The Holiness Code – Leviticus 11-15, 18-27


  • What makes some things holy, and other things not?
  • Are we still to obey these laws?


The Day of Atonement – Leviticus 16



A Study Outline for Leviticus

  1. Leviticus 1-15 – LAW*
    A. Chapters 1-7: Offerings

    • Chapters 8-10: Obedience of Priesthood
    • Chapters 11-15: Separation from the Unclean
  1. Leviticus 16-17 – GRACE
    The Day of Atonement


3. Leviticus 18-27 – HOLINESS

Ethical Purity of the People & Religious Festivals


*Notice that the flow of the book follows a real gospel train of thought: First there are laws to tell the Israelites how they might approach Yahweh (part I). But when they fail in their obedience, provision is made for them in the form of a substitutionary sacrifice (part II). Then, from that position of forgiveness and grace, the people are called to live holy lives (part III).

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