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Mount Bethel Missionary Baptist Church

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Facilitator: Dr. Jacques Boyd, Pastor

January 20, 2021

Past Promises Will Prevail In Spite of Present Problems”


Lesson Focus: The people of Israel tested God’s patience, and He in turn tested their endurance and faithfulness. Though the people failed many times, God showed His own faithfulness by His constant presence leading the way: through a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night.

Main question: Why would we need to be reminded that God’s past promises will prevail in spite of present problems?


  • Geographical context – God’s people on the move



Redemptive-Historical Context – Gods promises to Abraham

People – Genesis 13v15

Place – Genesis 12v2

Presence – Genesis 15v1

Blessing to nations – Genesis 12v3


Past promises will prevail in spite of present problems

Gods preparation preserves his promises – Numbers 1-10

People – 1v46 (2v32) and 4v48

Place – 10v33

Presence – 5-6, 7, 8v5 and 9v15-18 (John 14v16-18)

Blessing to nations? – 10v29 (Galatians 3v14)

Gods punishment preserves his promises – Numbers 11-16


  • at hardships (11v1)
  • at food (11v13)
  • at Moses (12v1)
  • at God! (13v31-33, 14v1-7)

Peoples Unbelief = Gods Punishment (14v10-12, v21-23)

People – 14v23 vs. 14v31

Place – 14v25 (Hebrews 3v12-19)

Presence – 15, 16v41-42

Blessing to nations?

Gods patience preserves his promises – Numbers 17-36

More disbelief:

  • against Gods word (17v13)
  • from Moses (20v8-12)
  • against Moses (21v4)

Peoples Unbelief leads to Gods Patience (21v6-9)

(John 3v14-15)

People – 26v51

Place – 27, 32, 34, 36

Presence – 29v1

Blessing to nations? – 21, 22-24, 31, 24v9


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Jan 27 2021


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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